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Our repair service is fast, reliable and affordable.

Your devices will be tested by specialists and musicians. Our technicians come from the live, studio, and broadcast field and they have over 25 years of experience. Therefore they are able to analyse and fix faults quickly and accurately.

We fix devices of every brand at moderate rates even after expiration of warranty.

PMS electronics is a repair and service company only, we do not sell any musical equipment.

We inspect and repair musical gear, that’s our task. Thus we thank you for understanding that we cannot answer questions regarding operation or installation.

If you send in a device please fill in the repair order form and put it into the package. This helps us to repair your device quickly and efficiently.

Please send your defective device to the following address:

PMS electronics GmbH
Große Heide 27
32425 Minden

• Our location is conveniently situated.
• Our automated data entry process reduces administration effort.
• We adjust our staff resources to the repair volume.
• Paypal reduces money transfer times.
• Accurate fault descriptions help us to reduce repair time.

  • Is it worth the cost to fix my device?
  • Which payment options does PMS electronics GmbH offer?
  • Is there a guarantee that I get back my device at a certain time?
  • How long does a repair take?
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Shipping Label

Send in your devices quickly with our shipping label. There´s no easier way!

this way please
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Repair Order Forms

We created new repair order forms for warranty and non warranty repairs. You can fill in the forms directly on your computer and print them afterwards.

to the new forms